DIY Household Cleaners Volume 1: The Kitchen

DIY household cleaners volume 1 kitchen

I love a clean home.  I don’t necessarily like to clean my home, but I love when my countertops are free of bacteria (yes, I sense them there even though I can’t see them) and my house has that “clean” smell.  What I don’t love are all the chemicals in household cleaners; those that burn my eyes and leave a bad taste in my mouth while I’m using them.  They can’t be good for me or my family, and if they make me feel sick, imagine how my granite must feel! (Only partly kidding).  Lately, I have been concerned with what those chemicals on my countertops, appliance handles, toilet seats, and shower floors might be doing to our health and the health of our environment.  For years, I have been making a DIY household cleaner from white vinegar and water, but I thought it time to expand my use of DIY household cleaners when I noticed something happening in my kitchen…

With all of the cooking I do (and all of the homework my kids do), I clean my kitchen counters numerous times per day.  Recently, I noticed that my granite was becoming dull.  I researched a bit and found a new DIY household cleaner recipe, which I tweaked so it would have that “clean” smell (more on that in the “recipe”).  After only a few days of using it, I noticed that the shine returned to my countertops.  Between my all-purpose cleaner and my new DIY granite cleaner, my kitchen is clean with only pennies per bottle spent!  Here are the “recipes”:

All Purpose Cleaner

Makes 24 ounces

24 ounce spray bottle

12 oz distilled vinegar

12 oz tap water

Pour the water and vinegar into the bottle.  Give a shake and start cleaning!  This cleaner can be used on almost any surface, but test it before using it on natural stone, like marble.  I use it daily on my wood table.  It can also be used to clean hardwood floors and tiles, just make a larger batch in a bucket with equal parts vinegar and warm water.  I like the smell of vinegar, but if it doesn’t do it for you, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils.

 Granite cleaner

Makes 17 ounces

24 ounce spray bottle

1/4 cup 91% isopropyl alcohol

1 teaspoon dish soap

16 oz water

10 – 20 drops essential oil of choice

Add all ingredients to the bottle. Mix, shake, done.  Choose an oil that reminds you of “clean”.  For me, it’s lemon.  Add 10 drops and give a shake and a spray.  If it’s not fragrant enough for you, add a few more until it smells “clean” to you.

Make sure to label your bottles so you don’t mix up the two.  Purchase bottles with different colored tops, or add a cute label to the front of your bottles.  Feel free to click on the links to use these!

all purpose cleaner goodness gracious living

all purpose cleaner goodness gracious living

granite cleaner goodness gracious living

granite cleaner goodness gracious living

I’m currently experimenting with some other cleaners for the bathrooms, so as soon as I find the ones I like, I will share them with you!  In the meantime, let me know how these DIY household cleaners are working in your house.  If you need some supplies to get you started, check out Abe’s Market!  If you shop through this link, you will receive free shipping off your purchase of $49 or more.  Happy cleaning!



2 thoughts on “DIY Household Cleaners Volume 1: The Kitchen

  1. Hi Beth, Happy New Year! I am going to try the granite cleaner, for sure. My son puts food right on the counter sometimes, even though I tell him not to, so I need to go with something natural. Plus, my counters are dull, too, and a bonus would be to have them nice and shiny again!

    • Happy New Year to you too, Amy! My kids eat right off the counter as well, which is why I started with the original DIY cleaner. LMK how your shiny countertops work out!

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