Neat Freak Chronicles: If I step on one more Barbie shoe!

How many times have you walked through your child’s room to kiss him or her goodnight, only to have the moment ruined by the pain of a Barbie shoe or a Matchbox car impaling the arch of your naked foot?  And how many times do you tell your children to put all of their toys away, including the rock they found in the garden and the piece of yellow paper with which hey cannot part?  Well hold back your explicatives and hop around the room writhing in pain no more!  You’ve heard the expression, “A place for everything and everything in its place,” and it’s a mantra I live by (and nag by).  For less than $20 I was able to turn my daughters doll, rock, bead, and acorn treasures into a neat freak’s dream.  Come, I’ll show you…

My daughter’s room is small, and even though she had the option to choose the bedroom she wanted (my son could care less), she chose the small room with the four-poster bed and the cat.  I explained to my then six year-old that the bed and the cat were moving with the previous owners of the house, but she insisted on that room.  Fine.  Challenge accepted.  When we unpacked, everything fit beautifully, but 4 years later, her “collections” (aka crap) began to grow.  So I recently devised a plan to store all of her stuff.  I headed out to the shops to see what I could find.  I had instant success in Target (isn’t it the greatest?) in the dollar bin section of the store.  I picked up 12 small baskets, each for a dollar, and a few other items – you can never walk out of Target with just what you came for!

Back at home, I sorted all of her treasures in each of the baskets and used my handy-dandy label maker to mark each one, so as they got dumped out, they could be refilled with ease.


Organizing the “collections”

Once all the items were sorted and the baskets labeled, it was then time to find a place for them.  There was absolutely NO ROOM left in the closet… or so I thought.  I used the 3M Command Hooks and hung them on the inside of the closet doors – not a drop of closet space wasted!  These hooks are amazing.  They can go up on a wall and come down without damaging the wall or the paint.  I use them all of the time.  For about $8, I was able to get 12 hooks and hang all of the baskets.  $20 bought me some peace of mind and neatness in a small space.  There was even a place for the Barbie shoes.  My feet are so thankful for this chapter of the Neat Freak Chronicles.


Ahh, everything in its place!


Barbie and her shoes.

This project would work well in almost any closet:  Baskets of hats and gloves in the hall closet, baskets of washcloths and extra toiletries in the linen closet, baskets of socks and underwear in a bedroom closet, baskets of lunchbox snacks in a pantry closet, to name a few.  Let me know where this project will work for you!




4 thoughts on “Neat Freak Chronicles: If I step on one more Barbie shoe!

  1. Great idea! We just cleaned out tons of crap, I mean stuff, from my son’s room. I can’t get over how many things he has accumulated, and of course, they are all “special” to him!

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