Neat Freak Chronicles: Testing out Pinterest Pins for Cleaning Grout

I love Pinterest!  It’s reminds me of when I would take my mom’s old magazines, cut them up and glue words and photos onto oak tag in different themes.  One would be about friends, one would be about dogs, one would be about Ricky Schroeder (now I’m dating myself).  It was a way to put together ideas and display them.  For those of you not on Pinterest, you are missing out on recipes, hairstyles, home decor ideas, birthday party themes, DIY projects, and cleaning tips from people all over the world.  You can “pin” what you like onto boards, which you get to name.  It’s like having an infinite amount of room to hang cork boards up and pin any new idea you find.  When I joined this wonderful, time-sucking, social media site, I promised myself that it would not be in vain.  What I pinned, I would use; I would try the recipes and hairstyles and DIY projects and not just let them sit in cyberspace looking like a magazine collage from the 80’s (did it again, dated myself).  I also didn’t want to keep pins that didn’t work, like a flop recipe or a cleaning trick, so I would have to use them to find out.  Time to test the pins!

On my Unlazy Days of Summer To Do List, I have a box to check regarding Pinterest:  Try out Pinterest pins.  This was the perfect excuse to test the pins.  With that in mind,  I looked through my boards and chose a pin from the “Neat Freak Faves” one.  It was one for cleaning tile grout.  Challenge accepted!  The post claimed that using Oxi Clean, a bleach-free, powdered, laundry detergent booster, some water and some good, old-fashioned elbow grease could make grout look like new.  My house is not that old, but when we bought it, all of the grout was stained and nothing I had tried previously had worked.  I figured, it couldn’t hurt, and if nothing else, I would get a good upper body workout.

I followed the directions and mixed two cups of water (I used hot) with two tablespoons of the Oxi Clean and dissolved it by mixing with an old toothbrush that was to be my scrubbing tool.


Mixed and ready to test!

I decided to try it out in my powder room.  It’s a heavily trafficked bathroom and the grout is visibly dirty. Okay, so please don’t judge when you see my tile pictures.  I actually thought that the tile was just ugly and the grout was stained, but we’ll get to what it actually was in a minute.


Dirty grout, very dirty.

I followed the directions and took the toothbrush to the grout and began scrubbing.  It was not looking any different, but the post said to give it 10-30 minutes, so I did.  Nothing.  Then I re-dipped and scrubbed again. And it started to work!  I don’t know if the Oxi Clean had more time to dissolve or there was a need for more liquid on the grout, but it was working.  The toothbrush was really too small for this kamikaze DIY-er, so I got out a scrub brush and poured some of the concoction onto the floor.  I figured, if it was working on the grout, maybe it would clean the tiles so they didn’t appear so dingy.


Dingy tiles with one little clean spot of grout.

As I started scrubbing, I couldn’t believe the dirt that was coming up!  Now, this bathroom is mopped with vinegar and water weekly, or I will use a Swiffer Wet pad, but it’s not like I went months without washing the floor.  But, obviously it was filthy and this Pinterest pin was saving the day!  I scrubbed the whole floor, which took about 15 minutes (it’s not a big room) and dried it with paper towels.  In a bigger room, I might mop up the excess liquid and dirt, but the paper towels were handy.  Check out the result:


Clean grout and a bonus: clean tiles!

In hindsight, it is unbelievable at how long I lived with a dirty floor.  Without Pinterest, I might still be disgusted by my grout.  But, today I killed two birds with one stone:  I cleaned the floor and checked a box.  Take that, Unlazy Days of Summer To Do List!



4 thoughts on “Neat Freak Chronicles: Testing out Pinterest Pins for Cleaning Grout

  1. Love this!
    P.S. You can have your Ricky Schroeder. My love was Scott Baio…. why yes, I just admitted that on social media.

  2. Hi Beth,
    I used to cut and paste charts in my basement with words under the pictures to do reading and writing lessons with my kids when I was teaching. I used to love the idea of doing this as much as I enjoyed teaching this way. I remember using the old World Book for young Children for the pictures. I always had a theme too based on a book about Halloween etc. Thanks for telling me about the pins on the computer. I never knew what this was from. I am a neat freak too. I’ll tell you something I remember about this in a private email.

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