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Read what has come out of the mouths of my clients…

*some of the language used has been altered as to not trigger others.


“Before working with Beth I was in this diet/binge cycle. I had lost a bunch of weight, kept it off for a couple years, and didn’t understand why I was gaining it back regardless of what I did. I was beyond frustrated with myself and felt so much shame. I would go through these periods of [engaging in eating disorder behaviors]. I had started to avoid my friends and any social outings. I was desperate to find a way out.

Beth’s honesty was like a life raft for me. What she had to say finally started to make sense. I knew things had to change and I needed someone who understood where I was coming from. Her work and experience appealed to me because it was so far out of the “mainstream” diet world.

Beth is more than just a HAES dietitian.  She provided such a safe space for me to be honest and gave me some really valuable “homework” assignments that really assisted me in my journey. Beyond that, I felt like I had found a friend, someone in the foxhole with me. This space is sometimes very lonely and isolating. I felt like I finally had someone in my corner.

After working with Beth, I finally stopped blaming myself for my weight.  She gave me the tools I needed to move forward and start living my life instead of hiding. I lost the shame and found a way to feel better about myself without living in a world of restriction. She was always available to me, especially when I was struggling with the process. That was invaluable. It helped transform the way I look at food and feel so much happier! Working with Beth was one of the best decisions I could have made!– Sherry L., Inner Girl Power: The Diet-Free Transformation participant


I was extremely frustrated with the diet cycle, shame I felt towards my body, my weight, and the guilt I always felt around food. I thought I was alone in my frustrations.  I would [engage in eating disorder behaviors]. I would wake up feeling horrible and repeat the cycle again and again.  I wouldn’t go out with my friends and family because I was so embarrassed and shameful by the way I looked. All this self-hate and self-sabotage made it that much harder to break free from the horrible cycle I was in.

After reading Beth’s blog, I was blown away by the similarity of our struggles. I could tell that she understood what I was going through, which was important to me because it seemed as if no one else in my life did. Beth is so sweet and caring. When I worked with her she felt as much a friend as a professional. She was always there for me in between appointments, which was just as important; she always responded quickly, honestly and insightfully. Beth puts her all into her work and it shows.

The greatest transformation I had throughout this process was learning I was not alone. Beth opened my eyes to a whole new world filled with body positive activists, anti-diet professionals and wonderful, confident women. All my life I felt so alone, that something was wrong with me. The knowledge that I wasn’t alone allowed me to not be so hard on myself, focus on making the changes to end the restrict-binge cycle, which in return, made me happier and more accepting of myself.– Rachel W., Inner Girl Power: The Diet-Free Mission participant


Before working with Beth, I thought I was “wrong”, that something about me was not right. It makes me cry to think that’s how I used to see myself.  I was holding myself to some standard set forth by someone I don’t even know, who doesn’t even know me, that was based on a number or a percentage or a dress size.

 I decided to work with Beth because I needed another approach and she was offering it. I’ve been struggling with my body image since preteen years and my weight since having my kids. One thing that had become very clear to me in all those years was that I knew deep down that my problem wasn’t any one food category or item, it was how I was treating food in response to how I felt about me. I was ready for someone who was willing to go to that place with me. 

Working with Beth was very enjoyable from the start. An added benefit to Beth’s temperament was the fact that she could actually understand where I was coming from. Knowing that her life had mirrored mine in some ways, and she had found her way to acceptance and happiness immediately dispelled any notion that I couldn’t do it too.

Since working with Beth, the biggest change I’ve noticed is that I’m at peace with me. I’m less focused on what I’m “supposed to be” and more on how I feel and what I need for self-care. I want to feel strong, happy, and “good” every day. I can make a food choice based on the desire to “feel” good, and not someone else’s idea that I should “be” good, and there is no longer a conflict around those decisions. The biggest change is once I eat, I move on. Seriously, that sounds so simple, but you know that little voice that keeps coming into your head all day long that calls you to eat just to eat?  That comes about a thousand times less now.” – Heather A.


It got to the point where I didn’t know how to eat or what to eat. I followed every diet there is – you name it, I’ve read the diet book. It got so confusing after a while.  I thought I needed someone to tell me what to eat. That’s when I turned to Beth.

I was looking for someone to give me instructions for a diet. She wouldn’t do it.  When she introduced me to her mindful and intuitive eating techniques, I didn’t know what I was in for.  It turns out that it made sense to me! When I encountered obstacles, Beth was non-judgemental and helped me to stop beating myself up. She showed me an easy approach to eating and taking care of myself.

Now, I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m satisfied.  In this practice, I realize I didn’t need so much food to feel that way.  Now, I’ll eat anything without feeling guilty.  I don’t exclude foods unless I don’t like them.  I don’t follow rules like I used to. I can relax.” – Susan P.


“I went to another RD and I was placed on a strict plan.  I had a hard time fitting in all the food, especially the “snacks”.  There were also times when eating out or at family events when sticking to the plan was not possible and I felt guilty. 

I liked how Beth’s approach was practical and matched my lifestyle.  I loved cookies and Beth assured me that I could eat them – that all foods can fit.  It was good to know that I could eat without feeling guilty.  She also suggested some simple ideas to make my diet more varied, and now I feel wiser as to how I can continue to eat well wherever I am.  

After working with Beth, I find that I eat because I am hungry not because it is time to eatI feel more in charge of what I eat now, and I don’t restrict my food anymore.– Joanne M.

“When I reached out to Beth, I had come to a point in my life where I knew I needed to make changes with my outlook on food. I was specifically unhappy about the way I thought that I looked in my clothes, hated what the scale read, and thought that I needed a “diet” that would work specifically for me so that I would feel better about myself. 

Beth was highly recommended by my daughter, a Registered Dietitian herself, who knew that our mother/daughter relationship would interfere with effective guidance. She researched RD’s in my area and felt that Beth was the best person for me and where I struggled. 

Beth’s suggestions – things like planning out menus ahead of time so that I was not spending all day in the kitchen, eating things on my “no” list to erase their negativity – were just what I needed.  Having one or two things to work on each week was educational and enjoyable. The biggest takeaway was learning to trust my body – to know when I’m hungry and when I’m full. Although I need to remind myself of this daily, even when I don’t “think”, I don’t berate myself any longer. I have learned to accept the “me” that I am, and not yearn for who I am not because who I am is good enough! And I like “me” again! What could be better? – Beth C


“I loved how Beth put a positive spin on everything: not being down on ourselves, eating slowly and mindfully, savoring good food, and nourishing our bodies. Her passion for what she does makes her radiant, and I think we all felt very nurtured by Beth. Thanks again for a wonderful program!” – Debby H.


“It is very evident that Beth is passionate about her career and helping people improve their lives through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles, which is truly inspiring.” – Lauren A.


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